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Yönetilen Tezler

Yıl Hazırlayan Ad Soyad Tez Adı
2019 ÖZGECAN OKUL A wonderful carnival: An analysis of Lewis Carroll's Alice books as carnivalized Menippean satires
2019 BELİT ERŞAHİN A man in distress: Finding the voice in the gothic
2018 SEREN ARSLAN Alterity and hybridity in Bola Agbaje's Gone Too Far! and Caryl Churchill's A Number
2017 ESMA BİROĞLU Violence in Sarah Kane's three plays: Cleansed, crave, and 4.48 psychosis
2010 PINAR KARARTI The notion of identity in the works of Shafak
2009 İLKNUR ÇELİK The effects of culturally constructed gender roles on individuals: The case of masculinity in the plays of Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, and Sam Shepard
2009 AHMET İPŞİRLİ The image of Jerusalem in the nineteenth century travel books
2009 BANU MERTOĞLU A quest for the self: Toni Morrison's search for African-American women's cultural identity
2009 ELİF SEZGİN KÖMÜRCÜ The notion of identity in Orhan Pamuk's The New Life
2009 BANU ÇELİK Doris Lessing: In pursuit of identity and love
2004 MEHMET AKİF KILIÇARSLAN Collective consciousness in the writings of John Steinbeck
2004 CENGİZ KOÇ Virginia Woolf & the emergence of Europen feminism